Former Rectors of Note

  • Kate Barrett

    Kate Barrett

    Director of Liturgy; Campus Ministry

    It was an honor to lead the kind of unique community that Notre Dame creates through our residence halls.  I loved watching women grow into leaders, form strong bonds with one another, and play and pray together.  As a wonderful bonus, I am still in touch with some of the "Lewis Chicks" from those years, especially the RAs who supported me in my rookie year as rector!

    Kate served as the Rector of Lewis Hall, 1990-1992.

  • Brian Coughlin

    Brian Coughlin

    Associate Vice President for Student Development

    "On move-in weekend of my first year as Rector of Carroll Hall I recall Fr. Al D'Alonzo, our priest in residence, saying “welcome home” to the men as they carried their belongings to their rooms.  Hearing Fr. Al say these words, it struck me what a privilege it was to be in the position I was.  Providing a home to these young men put me in a position to be present to them in a way few, if any others can be. The rector position is packed with grace filled moments that only come from walking with people through every aspect of their lives.  It is in no way an easy job, but it is the best job I have ever had."

    Brian served as the Rector of Carroll Hall for three years, learn more about Brian and his current role at the University here

  • Father Hesburgh

    Fr. Ted Hesburgh, CSC

    Notre Dame President Emeritus

    Rector, Farley Hall 1948-1949

    “It was a wonderful life and I was living it to the hilt. I could have continued for the rest of my life what I was then doing---teaching, writing, and ministering.” (On his time as a rector and professor)

  • Sr Jean Lenz

    Sr. Jean Lenz, OSF

    Rector, Farley Hall 1973-1984

    “ days in Farley brought me some of the deepest living experiences I have ever known. A generation ahead of the first Farley women, I simply moved into their midst and opened my door…We laughed and cried and discussed and danced and argued and ate and cheered together. They let me worry about them. Best of all they let me believe in them.” - Loyal Sons and Daughters

    Sr. Jean Lenz, OSF was among the first women rectors on campus following the University's transition to coeducation in 1972. In 2002 she authored Loyal Sons and Daughters about her experiences at the University and as a Rector. You can learn more about Sr. Jean Lenz here.

  • Breyan Tornifolio Headshot

    Breyan Tornifolio

    Director of Residential Life: Residential Education

    Rector, Pasquerilla East Hall 2006-2009 & Ryan Hall 2009-2013 

    "Being a rector was the best job I'll ever have. It was an honor, and humbling, to walk with our students on their journey to becoming the women and men God is calling them to be. Sharing in the Holy Cross Mission, I was able to witness, lead, and challenge our students in 'cultivating the heart.'"