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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



"I'm trying to imagine my life as a rector, what would I do all day?"

Great Question! While there really is no "typical day" in the life of a rector, we break the job down into 4 different areas of responsibility. Rectors are primarily the Pastors of their Residence Hall Community. Then they are also the Chief Administrator, Primary Community Builder and University Resource to the young men or young women of the hall. This means that along with the pastoral and liturgical needs of the community, rectors are also responsible for the administrative running of the building, supervising the staff and employees, supporting students in their programs, cultivating leaders, responding to student crises and loving our students through the joys and messes of college life. See how one of our current rectors spends her time by clicking here

"You keep saying 'Lead a Community,' what are the Residence Halls like at Notre Dame?"

Residence Halls at ND are like no other place. Each of our 29 communities has a personality all its own and a strong community to match. The second most popular question asked of Notre Dame Alums is "What hall did you live in?" and other then ND sweatshirts, students walk around sporting their hall apparel on any given day. At Notre Dame, we truly value tradition and family and this is cultivated in our stay-hall, single sex residential system. As the leader of the community, rectors are responsible for both maintaining the heritage of these often storied buildings and responding to the emerging needs and interests in our student body. Along with supporting (and often participating in!) hall signature events, rectors also hold a vital role as the leader of these faith communities. Every Sunday, students in each of our halls gather together with their community to celebrate the mass. Throughout the week, rectors cultivate an atmosphere of faith and spirituality through prayer services, faith sharing groups, and signature masses like "Milk shake mass," "Waffle Mass," or "Nacho Mass." These are just a few of the many aspects of what is truly a unique and rich residential system. As a rector, you are at the heart of student life, and at the heart of our Holy Cross experience.

"This sounds great, but is it just me in the building? Do I have any help?"

Here at ND, you are NEVER alone in your work with our students. Along with an incredible network of support throughout the division and campus, you also have help and support in the building. Each of our halls has a hall staff of 4 to 9 senior resident assistants as well as 2 graduate students serving as assistant rectors. These students are Notre Dame's best leaders and have chosen to dedicate their time as professionals, educators and ministers to the members of their hall community. Along with the hall staff, each hall has a variety of student employees who perform administrative as well as physical tasks like hall steward and delivering the mail. While this provides an extra level of support, it also enables rectors to continue their development as supervisors and to cultivate leaders in the community.

"What a great opportunity! Do you think I'm qualified for it?"

Our rector community is truly a place filled with diverse experiences and backgrounds. Our rectors are religious, lay, new professionals and seasoned veterans. Our minimum qualifications however are a Masters degree and at least 3 years of professional experience. 

"Okay, I'm in! So, where do I live and do I have to bring my own furniture?"

That's great! Actually, along with a competitive salary and University benefits, we provide furnished apartments in each of our residence halls. You are certainly welcome to bring your own furniture but know that every apartment comes with a furnished bedroom, kitchen, private bathroom, and living room. Along with this, our rector benefits include a meal plan to our outstanding dining system, a membership to our campus athletic facilities and a parking spot next to the residence hall as well as education assistance for either a graduate or undergraduate course. Rectors are eligible for one 3-hour UNDERGRADUATE course each semester at 90% tuition remission (this benefit is tax-free) , OR one 3-hour GRADUATE course each semester at 100% tuition remission. Under the University’s Educational Assistance Program, designed to meet the requirements of Section 127(b) of the Internal Revenue Code, this benefit is only taxable to the extent the tuition value of the course(s) exceeds $5,250 per calendar year. Also note that even though it is a 10 month position, the apartment, parking and gym membership are all 12 month benefits. So, when the students leave for Christmas and summer break, you are welcome to and encouraged to stay, this is your home!