A Day In the Life

 "What is your typical day?" The most popular and often hardest to answer question. As a rector, there are no "typical days." This reality is best explained in the wise words of Sr. Jean Lenz, OSF, that being a rector is responding to the invitation to, "Come and to share life with our students." Liz Detwiler, Rector of Walsh Hall shows this as she shares the daily schedule of one of her "typical days" below. 


This Could Be You If...

"If you have a sense of humor and an ability to work email. If you have an open heart and a high threshold for flexibility and feelings." -- Liz Detwiler, Rector, Walsh Hall

Describe your "Typical Day"

10am ish: Eat breakfast. Check email/phone for emergencies. Pull myself together.

11am ish: Catch up on email. Prepare for meetings with staff.

1pm-ish: Lunch with other rectors

2-5ish: Meet one on one with freshman in the hall. Catch up on email. Run to Hobby Lobby. Talk to housekeeper. Meet with staff. Catch up on email. Call mentor rector with questions. Call student activities with questions. Catch up on email.

5-8pm: Pray. Take nap. Dinner with other rectors. Talk to friends. Netflix.

8pm-1:00am: Available to students. Support student with homesickness. Listen to student experiencing a difficult breakup. Do the hair of an RA for a dance; choose fantastic outfit and jewelry. Listen to student who had a challenging theology class. Talk through a roommate issue. Meet with student leaders in Walsh. Empower them to have imagination and preparation for events. Approve events like “Galentines Day” and the Winter Formal “Yule Ball." Attend whatever event is happening in the hall, if I’m on duty. [Sometimes: go hang out with other Rectors in the Rectors-Only Lounge]

About 1-2am: Decompress. Sleep.

With all of this, what best prepared you for your life as a rector? 

"My background in Campus Ministry is extremely relevant. The experience of accompanying a community of students every day as they grew up and made mistakes and learned more about themselves and about how to love each other better was extremely fruitful and something I refer back to in my position as rector."

What's the most life-giving part?

"The close relationship I have with my Hall Staff is an unexpected gift; underneath all the hilarious hashtags are deep women who have sacrificed a lot of time for other people and who have gone out of their way to welcome me and to support each other."