Make an Impact

Guided by Notre Dame’s Catholic character and Holy Cross tradition, rectors mentor, inspire, and assist students in the integration of the intellectual, spiritual, and social dimensions of their education. Working and living with students in single-sex undergraduate halls, rectors help to bring that integration to fruition by serving in four distinct capacities.

Pastoral Leader


Rectors are pastoral leaders who help shape the personal growth and development of the students under their guidance. Rectors are the humble leaders and ministers of residence hall communities who come to know each individual student by name and walk with them as they mature and grow in their adult formation.

University Resource


Rectors work closely with University colleagues to help form, guide, and care for students by connecting them with the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to flourish and succeed.

Community Builder


Rectors create a community where the hall becomes a home, a place where strangers become friends. Through a rector’s vision and guidance, the hall emerges as a focal point around which students build their social and spiritual lives.

Chief Administrator


The richly varied work of a rector is what makes the hall a safe and welcoming environment where students congregate and thrive. Rectors are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the hall.