Rectors of Note

Rectors at the University of Notre Dame are beloved members of our campus community who go on to do incredible things. No matter where their journey leads, we hear over and over heartfelt reflections on their special time in the halls and with our students. See below as some of our distinguished "alums" reflect on their time sharing life with our students. 



Fr. Ted Hesburgh, CSC, Notre Dame President Emeritus

Rector, Farley Hall 1948-1949

“It was a wonderful life and I was living it to the hilt. I could have continued for the rest of my life what I was then doing---teaching, writing, and ministering.” (On his time as a rector and professor)




Breyan Tornifolio, University of Notre Dame President's Office


Rector, Pasquerilla East Hall 2006-2009 & Ryan Hall 2009-2013 

"Being a rector was the best job I'll ever have. It was an honor, and humbling, to walk with our students on their journey to becoming the women and men God is calling them to be. Sharing in the Holy Cross Mission, I was able to witness, lead, and challenge our students in 'cultivating the heart.'" 






Ed Mack, Pastoral Care and Outreach Coordinator, ND Campus Ministry

Rector, O'Neill Hall 2002-2013

"My rector years were the most interesting years of my life, since I was privileged to be a father-figure for the Men of O'Neill Hall and to share life with some of the finest men on the planet."