Rectors' Ink

Through the years, our rector position has been reflected upon and reported on in many ways. Learn more of the personal stories, the moments of sadness, hilarity, challenge and joy through these books and articles.




"Notre Dame’s approach is unique. It’s not just the stay-hall system, the undergraduate resident assistants, the relatively modest size of ND’s dorms or the fact that each one has its own chapel and Masses — all of which reinforce the community feel and make the “What dorm did you live in?” question so important to alumni. It’s the rectors themselves."

"Being There," Notre Dame Magazine, Spring 2014






“But my days in Farley brought me some of the deepest living experiences I have ever known. A generation ahead of the first Farley women, I simply moved into their midst and opened my door…We laughed and cried and discussed and danced and argued and ate and cheered together. They let me worry about them. Best of all they let me believe in them.” - Sr. Jean Lenz, OSF

Loyal Sons and Daughters, Jean Lenz, O.S.F.







"After one day here, most new freshmen have already been indoctrinated to touch the shiny toe of the 3-foot founder’s statue in the front hallway every time they pass. That’s one way to verify that he hasn’t been hijacked. In the 1950s it disappeared and for years afterward, University officials received periodic ransom notes with pictures of Father Sorin resting in front of various world wonders like the Eiffel Tower and Great Wall."                -- Fr. James B. King C.S.C.

Known By Name: Inside the Halls of Notre Dame, James B. King, C.S.C.