Making a Home

This Could Be You If...

"…you let yourself imagine it. The rector role sounds absolutely ridiculous on paper. The hours are insane and the living space is not glamorous, but it is seriously a treasure beyond words. If you allow yourself to imagine a day as a rector, being a rector becomes an impossible proposition to turn down." --Elaine Debassige, Former Rector, Farley Hall


As an Alumna, what brought you back to ND? Why rector?

This has been home to me since I left. It's a place that, throughout my life, I was fortunate enough to visit during times when I needed guidance and it all came from the bench at the Grotto. I returned to the thought of being a rector when I met the Lewis rector. As an alumna of Lewis, I wanted to find out how I could corral other alumnae to help our old home. In meeting with her she mentioned being a rector. Spiritually, I was already in a space to receive my next assignment, so to speak. The more she described the role, the more I was certain that this would be how I would make my return to Notre Dame.

Experiences that best prepared you for this?

My previous life as a licensed professional counselor has been an incredible help. I am very comfortable in handling the stressors of life transitions, anxieties that come with personal development, and other mental health situations that can be triggered by a “high expectations” atmosphere.

How do you describe the ND Community?

The community is complicated. There are people who definitely feel the Notre Dame vibe, there are those going along with it because they are not sure what to do, and there are those who don’t get a vibe at all. But you put them all together and it just works, like a family. It isn’t perfect, but for the most part, it works and before you know it, I hear residents call this home. For those who don’t feel like this is home, I try my best to have authentic conversations with them to find out what they are seeking here. I have found that even for those who seem like things are not great, they manage to find some place here. For me, this is home and the people here are my family.